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80 years ago, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Dolf Teuscher Sr. began hand-crafting Swiss truffles and chocolates. It’s with this old-world artisan quality and mentality that teuscher Swiss Chocolatiers craft & ship small batches to their 20 stores around the globe every week. This means that you may have the freshest and finest Swiss chocolates in your mouth, the same week they were made in their kitchen in Zurich, Switzerland.

For over 35 years, teuscher has been a staple of the Beverly Hills community. Like so many other families in the community, our family has had a long standing love affair with teuscher chocolates.  Over the years we have formed traditions and memories around these extraordinary Swiss chocolates, and the enchanting wonderland of fantasy truffle boxes inside their store. Today our family is proud to be carrying on the teuscher tradition in Beverly Hills!

We will be opening up a beautiful new teuscher shop in the Beverly Hills Golden Triangle this November at 371 N. Camden Drive.

Beverly Hills teuscher is #HereToStay!

Brief History of Chocolate Perfection

B.C.E. 1500

Evidence of chocolate consumption by humans goes back at least four thousand years, to the early cultures of Mesoamerica.

AD 600

Mayans migrated into northern regions of South America bringing cocoa with them, and setting up cocoa plantations on the Yucatan peninsula.


Aztecs created a hot, frothy beverage with the cocoa beans mixing in different spices to add flavor, including hot chili peppers and corn meal. Known as Xocotlatl, cocoa was appreciated for its stimulant and restorative properties, and believed to give wisdom, and forsight. The chocolate drink was reserved for nobility, clergy, & warriors.


Dominican friars took a delegation of Mayan nobles to visit Prince Philip of Spain. The Mayans brought gifts of jars containing drinking chocolate. The Spanish began adding sugar and vanilla to their cocoa, and the drink soon became a favorite of the Spanish court.


Spanish princess Marie Therese married Louis XlV of France, and brought the yummy drink with her. Drinking chocolate became very popular among affluent & lucky Parisians.


Charles Vl of Spain moved to Vienna bringing his favorite drinking chocolate with him, soon the Viennese, Venetians, and Italians were all serving cocoa.


French inventor Monsieur Dubuisson created the steam-driven chocolate mill, making it easier to grind the cacao beans and produce large quantities of chocolate.


Dutchman Coenraad Johannes van Houten invented the chocolate press, making possible the production of solid bars. 


Joseph Fry discovered that he could make a moldable chocolate paste by adding melted cacao butter back into Dutch cocoa.


Daniel Peter invents the process for creating powdered milk, introducing milk chocolate.


Jules Sechaud of Montreux, Switzerland introduced the process for filling chocolates.


Dolf Teuscher Sr. creates the teuscher Champagne Truffle, bringing the art of  crafting chocolate, and truffle making to its absolute apex. The rest, as they say, is  chocolate history...