the fine print:

Corporate/Private Client Accounts Basic Information

  • To establish a Corporate/Private Client account with Beverly Hills Teuscher Chocolatier, an initial order with a minimum total value of $1,200 (pre-tax) or 100 units (any size box) is required. OR
  • Client may ACCUMULATE $1,800 in total purchases over time. Each order will count towards qualifying threshold of $1,800.
  • Once the corporate/private client account is established, a UNIQUE account number is assigned.
  • All future orders placed under this account number receive 10% BONUS chocolates once the qualifying threshold has been reached.
  • Any employee (corporate) OR family member (private client) may avail of the 10% BONUS for as long as the qualified account number is provided at the time of order.
  • All orders must be placed ONLY at the Beverly Hills Teuscher store . You may make all orders & inquiries by sending an email to,  please include the corporate account number, to avail of the program benefits.
  • All Companies & clients who qualify for the complimentary set up fee & personalized spool of gift ribbon will be required to pay for all subsequent spools of personalized ribbon should they wish to continue the service for personalized gift giving beyond the first roll.
  • Company/Client will provide labels /tags/ note cards for use with the boxes if desired, we are also happy to help you order special items as needed.
  • Company/Client will specify box and ribbon color and size for its orders.
  • Orders that need to be shipped may be packed and/or shipped by Teuscher per Company/Client specifications. In any case, Teuscher will provide the appropriate shipping boxes and ice packages (if necessary).

  • Should Company/Client decide to use Teuscher’s shipping services, it will be billed accordingly based on Fedex guidelines. An additional $10 will be charged per order/box requiring an ice package.

  • All other specifications must be submitted in writing