Enjoy this beautiful video created by our friends at New York City teuscher at Rockefeller Center! Take a trip to the teuscher chocolate factory in Zurich Switzerland, where you can meet our own Dolf Teuscher Jr., and hear him tell the legendary tale…

The invention of his signature champagne truffle, by his father, Dolf Teuscher Sr. one very hot summer night 70 years ago!

Get an eyeful at the Chicago teuscher store! Their splendid display of teuscher chocolates and classic, collectable teuscher fantasy figure boxes are exquisite. Be sure to stop in and visit our friends at Chicago teuscher when visiting!


Reproduced by courtesy of Outlook, magazine of Jet Aviation.

Some consider teuscher chocolates to be the best in the world.

The company is run by Dolf Teuscher Jr., who took over from Dolf Teuscher Sr. in 1967. Every teuscher chocolate is made in the company’s production building, just outside the city of Zurich. On Fridays, the chocolates are sent out around the globe… read more

“…many connoisseurs consider Teuscher to be the best in the world.” 

Mimi Sheraton, The New York Times

“#1 Chocolatier in the World” 

National Geographic

“The most meltingly marvelous of all chocolate creations.” 

Bon Appetit