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About Us

80 years ago, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Dolf Teuscher Sr. began hand-crafting Swiss truffles and chocolates. It’s with this old-world artisan quality and mentality that teuscher Swiss Chocolatiers craft & ship small batches to their 20 stores around the globe every week. This means that you may have the freshest and finest Swiss chocolates in your mouth, the same week they were made in their kitchen in Zurich, Switzerland.

For over 35 years, teuscher has been a staple of the Beverly Hills community. Like so many other families in the community, our family has had a long standing love affair with teuscher chocolates.  Over the years we have formed traditions and memories around these extraordinary Swiss chocolates, and the enchanting wonderland of fantasy truffle boxes inside their store. Today our family is proud to be carrying on the teuscher tradition in Beverly Hills!